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We live in a complex world, full of both huge issues that need to be solved as well as incredible moments of beauty, goodness and transcendence to experience.  We believe in diving into all of it. So along with Sunday worship we also regularly host everything from concerts and art shows to lectures by a wide-range of smart and thoughtful guests. Here are a few things going on right now.

Hidden Stories of the North Shore

HEROS Community Education Event Hidden Stories of the North Shore “Hidden Stories of the North Shore” is a two-part event: a “Before the Walk” series of 4 Zoom discussions to raise awareness of the history of race in our neighborhoods, followed by a community walk on June 19, beginning at 9 a.m. in the New Trier Township.  (location TBD)  We have lined up an impressive list of NTHS administrators and teachers, civic and religious leaders,…