Learning & Growing

Always learning, always growing.

You may have experienced churches in the past where they seemed to believe they had all the answers, and their “Christian Education” program was more about indoctrination than anything else. Here at Winnetka Congregational Church we believe people “who are wise are always learning, always listening for fresh insights,” as the writer of Proverbs 18:15 tells us. 

For us, Christian Education is more about exploring who God is, what it means to be alive, what it looks like to honestly follow Jesus in our world today and all kinds of other questions around faith and spirituality and the Christian life.

We believe there’s something holy about questions and we welcome them as invitations into a deeper relationship with God and each other. We love a lively discussion whether it’s about a passage of scripture or a book we’re studying together or about some issue we’re facing in our world today. And while we don’t always agree, we are committed to being deeply respectful of each other and open to new ideas.


I love that there’s a balance between ‘being’ and ‘becoming’ here.

Jane, member since 1998