Spiritual Enrichment

Enriching minds, expanding faith, transforming hearts.

Interested in faith exploration and spiritual formation? Longing to unite your head and heart in pursuit of an honest and vibrant Christian faith that’s open, relevant, faithful, and transformative? Spiritual Enrichment was made for you.

Meeting on Sunday mornings at 8:30 in the Centennial Room if you choose to attend in person, or you can join us on Zoom,  this is not your usual “Christian Ed” or “Sunday School Class” offering. Our times together include speakers, discussions, films, and experiences on a range of ethical, religious, social, historical, biblical, and spiritual topics. 

Designed to help us investigate the deep questions, examine ethical challenges, and grow in wisdom, compassion, faith, and connection with others, Spiritual Enrichment draws from a lot of sources for that…our Christian heritage, the wisdom of the ages, the inner spark of our own spirit, and being recognized and heard in thoughtful conversation with others. We always encourage independent thinking, even as we learn from one another and grow in love for one another – and for God’s world.

Why do we offer Spiritual Enrichment? It isn’t easy to continue growing spiritually throughout our lives, especially when we’re all so busy – earning a living, taking care of our families, trying to maintain friendships and marriages and do a little self-care now and then, too. But, most of us sense that we’re more than just what we think and do every day, more than what we own, and more than our job title or how many friends we have on Facebook.  We recognize we’re not just marking days on a calendar but we’re on some sort of spiritual journey in our time on earth.  Spiritual Enrichment honors that journey and gives you a chance to explore it.

Other Spiritual Enrichment opportunities are offered in the daytime, evenings, and on weekends: book discussions, Advent and Lenten prayer vigils, prayer workshops, films, walking the labyrinth, panels, and dialogues with interfaith and social justice speakers and theologians as well as performances.

By the way, Spiritual Enrichment isn’t for adults only – it’s open to all ages. Teens and young adults are regular participants with us. Childcare is also available if you need it. Just let us know.  Questions? Please contact Interim Associate Pastor Allen Mothershed, (847) 999-9403. 


Spiritual Enrichment has opened a whole new world to me of how to think about my faith and live it every day.

Bob, active attender since 2017