Who We Are

Church doesn't have to be “one or the other.” “Both/and” is where God has called us to be.

Have you ever thought: wouldn’t it be great if church could be the kind of community that both embraces questions and doubts and is also deeply spiritual? Where you could both feel known and cared for exactly as you are and also challenged and inspired to get where you’re meant to be? Where both your head and heart are listened to and respected?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a church that was both unabashedly grounded in Jesus and yet also profoundly inclusive – where there was no “us vs. them,” where you could truly belong no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation, religious background or lack thereof, no matter what your age or the color of your skin, where you come from, or the amount of money in your bank account?

That’s the kind of church we feel like we’ve been called by God to be (and to become even more of).  We’re not doing it perfectly, of course. But we are trying to do it honestly and openly. And our hope is that everyone here will experience a deep sense of God’s love and that together we can find the courage to follow Jesus and the call of scripture to “seek justice, love kindness and walk together in all God’s ways.”

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Faith doesn’t feel dusty here. It feels actively engaged. With the world. With our lives. With a sense of wonder.

Christy, member since 2003