Who We Are

We love our community. That’s why we’re here. That’s who we are.

Since 1874, WCC has provided vibrant worship, spiritual growth, lasting friendships, and community service to Winnetka and the North Shore.

In a world…

Where churches tell you what to believe, we help you figure out – and live – your own beliefs. We believe in the power of independent thinking – for you and your kids!

Where people shout at each other across political, religious, and social divides, we promote conversations in which people listen deeply to one another, finding shared values and common ground.

Where despair and pessimism are increasing, we are a place of joy and hope.

Where people say, “There’s nothing I can do,” we say, “There’s a lot we can do.”

Where people are more and more anxious about their families and the world, we’re a place of peace, reflection, comfort, and perspective.

And we’re not done yet. Where many churches are holding tightly to what has been, we are a place that’s actively looking to the future and envisioning how we can be the kind of faith community that’s needed in the years ahead.

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Faith doesn’t feel dusty here. It feels actively engaged. With the world. With our lives. With a sense of wonder.

Christy, member since 2003