Mission & Calling

We’re grounded in our calling to be a part of God’s work in the world.

Our Mission

In 2013 we came together as a congregation and articulated our mission as a church: to change lives by following the teaching and life of Jesus Christ with peace and courage; and to weave the grace of God into the fabric of our relationships and the world. 

Our Calling

To fulfill that mission, in the time and place we find ourselves in at this point in our history,  and to truly be  “a house of worship for all people,” we’ve felt called as a congregation to focus on four key challenges and to commit ourselves to: anti-racism, LGBTQ-inclusion, multifaith solidarity and environmental justice.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to working on these important issues in the way we try to do everything at Winnetka Congregational – with thoughtfulness, openness and humility, recognizing we won’t do it perfectly, but believing we must do what we can.  We’ve committed ourselves to doing the work needed to learn and grow and change, personally, and as a church. We’ve committed ourselves to speaking up, standing up,  standing with, and being agents of healing in our world, where the hurt is greatest, as Jesus always was.

And we’ve also committed to doing everything we do here intergenerationally –  knowing each voice matters, and that every person, whatever their age, brings unique gifts and insights and expressions of God’s grace to the party, and needs to be  heard, empowered and embraced.