Pastor Tyler Yost

Pastor Tyler Yost

Associate Pastor of Children, Family and Youth

Tyler’s father was Catholic, and his mother Lutheran, and they couldn’t agree which tradition to baptize Tyler in. So, Tyler pretty much came to God in his own way. He went through some tough times in childhood, but God met him where he was – including through a profound encounter one dark night on Tyler’s walk home. (Ask him about it sometime…he’d love to tell you the whole story.)

It was after this experience with God, that Tyler became active in his Church’s Youth Group, and became one of the Youth Worship Leaders. At 17, he committed himself to following Jesus’ teachings and was baptized.

While attending Lakeland University and pursuing a Psychology degree, Tyler met the Rev. Dr. Karl Kuhn who noticed Tyler’s talent for Biblical Studies and encouraged him to join the college’s religion program. Tyler saw this as a call from God and when he graduated in May of 2018 he did so with a double major in Religion and Psychology. During that same month he married Kylie whom he met in high school.

Tyler then attended Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston. It was there he came to terms with and embraced his bisexuality and honed his sense of personal calling. Very aware of how the Church has harmed people in the past, often through outright harmful interpretations of Scripture, Tyler has felt himself called to help others discover how accessible the Word of God can be, and his goal is to help everyone he meets feel accepted and loved by God for who they really are, just as they are.

Tyler and his wife Kylie currently live in Evanston with their two cats, Kiara, and Amethyst. By the way, Tyler will happily share pictures of his cats with anyone who asks!