We’re in an exciting time of "visioning."

In the fall of 2022,  we began a process to create a bold vision for WCC so that in the years ahead we might be the vibrant faith community engaged in vital ministry to our community that we want to be.

To develop this vision, a team of capable lay leaders is working with our partner, Convergence, looking carefully at ourselves, our wider community, and the state of religion in America today.

In April 2023, the team was joined by the Rev. Jeffrey Philips, Acting Senior Pastor and Designated-Term Pastor, who has considerable experience working with churches as they reshape their futures.

The visioning process is a necessary – and lively – time for Winnetka Congregational Church. We get to see how God is present and moving among us, calling us to do great things in the future. We get to reposition ourselves for purposeful life and ministry for decades to come. Exciting is too common a word for this time in our church’s life. How about thrilling?

Timeline for the Vision

Fall 2022-Summer 2023

Data collection and analysis.

Fall 2023

Initial vision is drafted and presented to the congregation for conversation and refinement.

Winter 2023-2024

Enhanced vision goes to Church Council for further clarification and improvement.

March 2024

Day of Discernment in which the congregation gathers again to prayerfully consider the vision in its evolved form. More changes are made.

May 2024

Congregation meets to formally adopt the vision.

May-September 2024

Implementation begins on this audacious plan for a more effective life together in our community.