Our Churchyard

The Churchyard at Winnetka Congregational Church.

The Churchyard is a place of quiet beauty, offering solace and comfort to those who visit. Established in 1954 and designed by landscape architect Ralph Rodney Root, we invite you to visit as often as you’d like for as long as you like. We simply ask that you walk this ground with respect and reverence, in remembrance of the beloved ones resting there.

Be aware, there are tree roots, and the ground is not always level, so walk carefully. And please close the iron gates on your departure.

What else do I need to know when visiting the Churchyard?

We welcome the placing of personal remembrance items on the ground. Items should not be placed on the stone walls. These items will be removed every six months. Items will be held in the church office for a period of six months if you choose to pick them up.

  • Perishable items (flowers, etc.) will be removed when they are no longer fresh. 
  • Fresh flowers, not artificial, are strongly preferred. 
  • No electrical, solar operated devices or candles are permitted. 
  • Please do not plant permanent flowers or plants since they create issues of landscape       maintenance, block other plaques and change the “common unity” of the churchyard.
  • Seasonal items (Christmas, Easter) will be removed two weeks after the holiday.

Who may purchase plots in the Churchyard?

The Churchyard allows only cremated remains, which are interred in the ground in front of the low stone walls. Members of the church may purchase plots for their families; there are nine lots per plot. Family shall include parents, spouse, descendants, their spouse and brothers and sisters of the permit holder. Plot purchaser will sign a Churchyard Interment Permit. 

Memorial tablets are purchased by the family through a monument company and must meet the criteria set forth by the church pertaining to uniformity, material, dimension, design and placement. 

How is the Churchyard maintained?

The church maintains the grass, foliage and walls of the Churchyard. Regular landscape maintenance includes care of trees and hardscape. A trust fund is in place to provide funding for this perpetual purpose.

What about on Memorial Day?

On the Saturday morning before Memorial Day, all items will be removed from the Churchyard except the individual American flags that recognize members of the Armed Forces. If you choose to leave flowers over this weekend, you may do so after noon on Saturday.