Ready to worship on the lawn with us? We’re ready for you.

Ready to worship on the lawn with us? We’re ready for you.

Starting Sunday, May 9 at 9 am, along with our continuing online worship option, we will be offering worship outdoors on our church’s front lawn (unless weather conditions move us indoors). This setting will offer us plenty of space, with our sanctuary’s beautiful front porch as a backdrop.

Have questions? Here are three that we’ve heard…answered. If you have more, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Photo by BP Miller on Unsplash

1. What will outdoor worship mean for me, practically?

We will have lots of room. Room for you. And all your friends. (Please feel free to invite them!)

We will still be social distancing, even outside, so we ask that everyone be aware of maintaining 6 feet of space from those not in your household/pod.

It’s a “BYOCOB” event. Translation: bring your own chair or blanket. (So, kind of like Ravinia. But without the adult beverages and coolers. (And yes, we can already hear the excuse that “Uh-oh. Jesus must have turned our water into wine!”)

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Masks must be worn for anyone over the age of 2. This complies with the CDC’s latest recommendation (4/27/21) that even vaccinated people continue to mask “when attending a crowded outdoor event or live performance”.

Bring a hat or visor in case you’re more angled toward the sun.

We’ll have a soloist and live instrumental music. No congregational singing yet…but it will be great to hear music again without the filter of a screen.

Communion will be celebrated on the first Sunday of each month using the individual, pre-packaged “wafer and juice” containers.

Sorry, no nursery care yet. We are still working out how to safely provide nursery care for children ages 4 and younger. We look forward to providing nursery-care updates soon!

You need to sign up online…in advance. Why? For one thing, signing up online in advance allows us to reach you in the unlikely need to contact trace. But mostly we need it in case the weather is bad. More about that below.

2. What exactly happens if the weather is bad?

We’ll move indoors, where we can accommodate 75 worshipers. Which is why signing up in advance is important. The first 75 registrants would be the ones whom we could accommodate safely in the sanctuary. Why just 75? This number mutually factors in Restore Illinois Phase 4 guidelines and our need to maintain 6-foot spacing while in our sanctuary.

We will announce the need to move indoors in advance so that people can know if we’re able to accommodate them before they leave home. (Please simply note what number you are when you sign-up.)

We’ll ask a couple things of you when you are in the sanctuary.  Wear your mask. Maintain six-foot distancing. Sit in the designated pews. Don’t applaud too loudly during the sermon. (Yes, kidding.)

3. Are these protocols subject to change?

Absolutely! As the CDC and Restore Illinois guidelines evolve in response to ongoing scientific research and proven-best practices, we will gladly and promptly change our plans.

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4. Will Online Worship still be available?

For those who wish or need to worship online, we will gladly continue to offer our weekly virtual service, which premieres at 10 A.M. every Sunday on our church’s YouTube channel, and which is available online any time after the premiere. Nothing about this will change, giving you two good options for how we can worship together.

In whatever way you choose to worship with us, on the lawn (or in the sanctuary) or online, our hope is that these gatherings will nurture a sense of connection – connection with God, with yourself, with our church, and with the world we serve in Jesus’ name. And do so in way that’s safe, that’s based in science and common-sense, and that embodies our care both for fellow congregants and for the broader community of which we’re a part.