Small Groups

Find a small group that can help you navigate your life with grace.

Small groups are important as a way to create meaningful connections.  It’s a great way to get to know people better than you can just talking at the fellowship hour on Sundays. But at WCC we believe our small groups can offer you even more than that. They can become a way to dig deeper into your questions about God and the Bible and faith and the kind of challenges we all face in our world today, wrestle with ideas you’re hearing in sermons, as well as find support and encouragement as you try to figure out how to become the person you believe God is calling you to be. They can be a way to have fun together and also a way to work together on issues that matter to you.

Sometimes they can even be a way to find deeper, more authentic relationships – “your people”…you know… the ones who show up for you in all the ways that really count, with texts and phone calls and sometimes pizza and beer and green bean casseroles, people who will stretch and challenge you and will always, always have your back. 

We encourage you to be a part of one of our current small groups:

Spiritual Life Groups

A permanent group of intergenerational members who gather monthly for fellowship and spiritual enrichment. Contact Dawn Huntsman:

Men's Fella-ship

Fellowship and service group comprised of men of all ages, meets monthly for an informal dinner at the church. Contact Adam Brown:

First Friday

Monthly dinner for fellowship in a member’s home. Contact Jane Dowding:

Wine, Women & God

Monthly evening meeting in a member’s home for fellowship and discussion. Contact Fleury Linn:


Meets twice a week to play in our indoor gymnasium. Contact Chuck Dowding:


This church is a spiritual gem... full of both faith and compassion.

Karl, member since 2019