Volunteer & Serve

Use your gifts to serve others...here at the church, in our city, around the world.

Here at Winnetka Congregational Church we believe we are all called by God to care for this planet and all life on it, and we’re called to follow Jesus in caring for “the least of these,” to keep kindness and compassion at the heart of all we say and do. Caring for our own church community, our city and our world is something we make a high priority in our congregation. Of course, one of the amazing things we’ve discovered along the way is that when we help others, it helps us grow and learn, and experience joy.  It’s often one of the primary ways we find a deeper connection with God and all of humanity.

Serve at the church.

From helping as a volunteer in our worship gatherings to teaching in church school, whatever your age or abilities, there are so many opportunities for you to get involved and use your gifts here in the life of this church.

Care for our city, care for the world.

Poverty, environmental, economic and racial injustice, hatred and exclusion,  loneliness…sometimes the needs all around us can feel overwhelming. You may want to help, but feel like you don’t know what you can realistically do especially when you already feel way too busy with work and family and…life.

At WCC, we understand. So beyond serving others inside the walls of this building we have many opportunities for you to help make a difference in our community, our city and our world – no matter how much time you have to offer, whatever your age or abilities, whether you’re a high-schooler looking for volunteer hours or a retired senior who wants to share your skills and expertise with those who might appreciate them. You can roll up your sleeves and make dinner once a month for folks who are hungry, help with our world-record-holding WCC Rummage Sale, which raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for people in need, simply write a check…or help in any of a number of other ways. 

Discover how you can get involved now.