Worship & Music

Join us for worship in whatever way is best for you: in the sanctuary or through our livestream.

One of the key ways we connect with each other is through worship on Sunday mornings. Whether we do that in our sanctuary, streaming online, or even on our front lawn during the summer, our Sunday morning gatherings usually include some of the long-held practices of the church, like communion, prayer, Bible readings – but often reimagined and reclaimed. You’ll hear people talking passionately about following Jesus and also, because of their commitment to Christ, you’ll hear them talking intelligently and thoughtfully about the very real issues we’re facing in our world.

When we worship we often find ourselves connected to each other in ways that we don’t experience in our “regular” lives.  Rather than just saying hello, we make eye contact with friends and strangers. Instead of just asking “how are you?” we hear each others’ prayers and pray for each other. When we come together with intention and pay attention, listening for God’s still, small voice, we find ourselves feeling less alone, less simply one individual person  at a certain date and time,  and more in touch with a “great cloud of witnesses” and all of humanity, more connected with the divine, and with God’s ongoing and ever-changing beloved creation.

If you’ve never been with us for Sunday morning worship, we hope you’ll come and experience this first hand.  If you’re new, learn more here.


Worship is a sacred conversation between different ideas, questions, types of music, people, energies.

James, attending since birth in 2000

We make music - all kinds of music - together.

We believe music is good for the soul and connects us profoundly to each other in deep ways.  And that’s true of all kinds of music. So on any given Sunday we might do both a traditional hymn led by our Chancel Choir, accompanied by our amazing Pasi Organ as well as  a gospel song by Richard Smallwood. accompanied by drums, bass and piano. You could hear both a  classical piece, done by our Bell Choir and something just recently written for worship led by our more contemporary-oriented WCC Singers. Some Sunday you might be blown away by a chorale from Bach and a short time later, by a rendition of John Legend and Common’s “Glory”.

And yes, if you’re new or have been here a while, but just recently decided you’d like to participate in making any of this music, we’d love to have you join us. To find out how, just contact Victoria Marshall, our Director of Music.