Environmental Justice

We care about environmental justice because we care about this planet and all the life here.

Taking care of the environment, addressing climate change, learning to live in harmony with the earth – at Winnetka Congregational we believe these are justice issues and faith issues. And that to truly love God means loving God’s creation – and caring for all life on earth…as well as the earth itself.

But none of us do that as well as we could. Or as well we’d like to. 

That’s why the Winnetka Congregational Church Green Team came into being. The Green Team is made up of members of this community who are helping lead the way for all of us in learning about these issues and in taking actions that will help sustain our world, not only environmentally but economically.

To do that the Green Team helps provide education and creates opportunities for dialogue on climate change and climate justice, and what we can do to make a difference. They lead us in advocacy efforts for better environmental policies as well as into new practices that are better for the earth and humanity — not only within our church walls, but within our local  community alongside GoGreenWinnetka and in the global community.

To learn more about our work and how you can be a part of it, contact Steve Huels: huels804@gmail.com.