Multi-Faith Solidarity

We embrace the diversity of the family of God and of different expressions of faith.

We believe God’s truth is everywhere and that we can wholeheartedly walk in the way of Jesus, while still fully respecting and valuing other paths to God. And we can stand firmly in Jesus while still standing by, with and for our sisters, brothers, and friends of other faiths.

We are also aware that while we live in a religiously diverse country, certain faiths are often seen as “too different,” “suspect” and at times even as “dangerous” and its members and places of worship are targeted and subject to hate crimes. Sometimes, even in the name of Christ.

This is not the Christ we follow and we are committed to working for unity with people of other faiths and against hatred and division.

We also strongly believe that getting to know people on other faith journeys, celebrating our commonalities and our differences and working together on issues of concern to all of us is a powerful way that we can enrich our lives and help erase the lines that are too often drawn between us. One of the ways we do that is by participating in the New Trier Multi-Faith Alliance.

Winnetka Congregational Church has been a member of The New Trier Multifaith Alliance since its inception in 1967. This alliance fosters interfaith understanding and sensitivity.

Members of our congregation regularly participate in the Alliance’s ongoing opportunities for interfaith dialogue and participate in programs that provide service to the community at large. Also, each Thanksgiving, the affiliated congregations join together to host an Interfaith Thanksgiving service for the community, which folks from Winnetka Congregational are always a part of.

Multi-faith Mission Trips have been another powerful experience for many people in our congregation. On these trips we have joined with  Jewish, and  Muslim congregations to work together on projects of social justice — one rebuilding homes after a hurricane, another feeding asylum seekers at the border in Texas.

We’d love for you to join us. To learn more about how you can get involved, please contact, Dawn Huntsman at