Work for Justice

We are committed to justice, not despite our love for Jesus, but because of it.

Not only is the call to work for justice woven throughout the  words of the Old Testament prophets, it’s also central to Jesus’ teaching and life. The call to care for those who’ve been left by the side of the road, those who’ve been abused and oppressed, to confront injustice and bring healing and restoration to our world rings throughout the Bible.

This is a call we are, with God’s help, responding to here at Winnetka Congregational –  in our individual lives and as a community of faith. Through prayerful discussion and discernment, we’ve felt particularly called as a congregation to work for LGBTQ-inclusion, multifaith solidarity and environmental justice. We have also committed ourselves to doing the inward work of anti-racism, as well as working on the systemic racism issues we face in our country.

Discover more about how we’re working for love and  justice in each of these areas.