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I love the way kids never shy away from hard questions.If you spend any time around children, you’ve probably been hit with a hard question or two. If you’re a parent, probably before you’ve had your morning coffee. “Mommy, how does it feel to die?” “Uncle Joe, what is a soul made of?” “Grandma, why is there war?” I can still feel the mild panic I experienced when my own kids asked me impossible questions...

As we continue to process our many feelings about the Highland Park shooting, we want to share some comforting images from the Candlelight Vigil we offered on Thursday, July 7. Should you wish to partake in part (or all) of the service, yourself, visit our YouTube Channel. Though loss, grief, and doubts may assail us, we find strength: in God’s presence, and in one another’s presence. We pray this service offers you the solace and sanctuary you...