9th to 12th Grade

Our high school youth group is called Servants because, not only is this group  about asking questions about faith, exploring our spirituality, talking about life and playing games – serving the church and the community is an integral part of our DNA.

Servants meets on Sundays from 4:30–5:45 p.m. in the Servants Room on Lower Level from September through May.

Anyone in high school is welcome whether they’re a member of Winnetka Congregational Church or a friend of someone who is.

From the legendary annual week long mission trip, to just hanging out together every Sunday, and talking about what it means to follow Jesus in our regular, “going to school and trying to deal with parents and friends and identity and our whole world today” kind of lives,  this is an energetic, active and engaged group. And it’s also a group that provides a safe, caring place where young people can simply be themselves, and where they will get the message, “You are loved, you are enough and you belong.”

If you have any questions, contact Pastor Tyler Yost or call 847-999-9402.

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