Here’s how to be the love the world needs now.

Download this FREE PDF that includes 3 posters filled with simple prompts to inspire you and your family to BE LOVE…to yourselves, each other, and the world.

    What’s in this download?

    In this PDF, you’ll find 3 beautifully-designed posters, perfect for printing out and putting up – on the fridge, on the family bulletin board, anywhere you’ll be sure to see them every day. Filled with simple, doable suggestions and reminders, great for both adults and kids to try.

    Print one at a time or display all three at once – whatever works best for your family. And don’t stress about doing it all or doing it perfectly. This isn’t about that.  It’s definitely not another list of “to-do’s” or “shoulds”  – we all have too many of those in our lives, already!

    Something to try during Lent – or anytime.

    We created this for the folks at our church, Winnetka Congregational Church, and for anyone else who might be interested, especially or the season of Lent – the roughly 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, a season that Christians have often used to focus on becoming closer to God by giving something up, like meat or sugar or Facebook.  

    But instead of NOT doing something during Lent, we decided it would be great to DO something that might help us all follow the call from Jesus in Matthew 22 to love our neighbors and ourselves.  So, wherever you are in your spiritual journey, we invite you to use this simple resource as a way to connect more deeply with God’s love, the Love that changes…everything.

    At Winnetka Congregational, we’re dedicated to being a faith community that is inclusive, open-minded, loving, and learning to love even more. Because we believe that’s the kind of life Jesus invites us to live.

    If you’re looking for a church like that, we hope you’ll join us sometime. In our sanctuary or on our livestream.