Ever thought: "Wish I could find a LGBTQ inclusive church near me where I can truly belong?"

Welcome to Winnetka Congregational Church.

A church that not only welcomes you, whether you’re lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or queer, it affirms you as a fully beloved child of God.

Affirming • Progressive • Family-Friendly

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Visiting a new church can be nerve-wracking, especially because some churches aren’t very clear about who’s really included and who’s not. A “welcoming church” or a “gay-friendly church” is very different from a “fully inclusive church.” We want to be very clear, so here’s our inclusion statement.

And feel free to drop in on virtual worship sometime.

Meet Our Pastors

The Rev. Sarah Lohrbach


Associate Pastor for Children, Family and Youth


Sarah’s passion is to make sure that kids get the message that they are loved by God unconditionally, and that they don’t have to be afraid to be who God created them to be. This is at the heart of everything she does. As playful and as child-like as she can be (yes, she loves picture books, animated films, LEGO kits, coloring, Minions, Harry Potter and baby goats), she is very serious about that.

The Rev. Jeffrey D. Braun


Senior Pastor


Jeff loves the gift of humor and sharing in it with others, yet he’s also fueled by life’s sacred, serious moments. His thoughtfulness, intelligence, passion and openness shine whether he’s delivering a sermon from the pulpit, chatting at coffee hour or getting silly with our 8th grade confirmation group. He’s also not afraid to shake things up–stand up for justice and inclusion, challenge folks to rethink their image of Jesus and reimagine what the church could be.

The Rev. Jeffrey L. Phillips


As our Associate Pastor, Rev. Jeffrey Phillips is charged with helping folks in the congregation grow in their spirituality. Jeffrey’s mission is to help people embrace a spiritual journey that is simultaneously open to the insights of every academic discipline, every religious tradition, every aspect of culture, and every piece of one’s own experience, AND yet grounded in a common Christian story. It is work that brings him great joy here at Winnetka Congregational.

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We care about the world around us and we work for collective justice...in our city, our country, and around the world.

Sunday School and Youth Groups where your kids can develop their values and faith in a safe, affirming environment.

Explore your spirituality and reconnect to what really matters through Bible study, prayer, honest conversations, special speakers and more.