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Welcome to Winnetka Congregational Church.

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Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open to All!

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Looking for a church where they’re committed to working for justice and taking care of our planet…because of their love for God, not in spite of it? A place where your family, whatever it looks like, will feel like they belong? A church where they believe in Jesus and also embrace questions?

Explore our beliefs, and commitments, learn more about our worship and music and check out some sermons. You can even drop in on our online worship.

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What’s Winnetka Congregational Church all about?  It’s a church that’s both deeply spiritual and embraces questions and doubts.  A community where you can both feel known and cared for exactly as you are and also challenged and inspired to get where you’re meant to be. Where both your head and heart will be listened to and respected. This is a faith community unabashedly grounded in Jesus and yet also profoundly inclusive –where you can truly belong no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation, religious background or lack thereof, no matter your age, the color of your skin, where you come from, or the amount of money in your bank account. Led by our senior pastor, Rev. Jeffrey Braun, pictured center above, we are truly trying to live out Jesus’ call to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” 

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