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This Easter Sunday worship, join us for an inclusive, affirming, justice and joy-filled celebration of what it truly means to Be the Love the World Needs Now in light of Christ’s resurrection. Enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Baskets for children immediately after worship. Join us in the sanctuary or on our YouTube channel this Easter for this inclusive, affirming, justice and joy-filled celebration. Wherever you are on your journey, join us to find hope...

Join us for Easter Sunday worship as we bring our collective undoneness together and remember that God is also Undone… Undone with loving us and all humanity. Undone with blessing the world we inhabit. Like broken shards of glass that tumble in the waves, get weathered and worn, and ultimately transformed into humble, bold and beautiful sea glass - we will celebrate how through Christ’s love and presence, our brokenness can also be transformed, made new,...