Communion Online

Want to celebrate Communion with us while participating in streaming worship?

On Sundays when we share Communion, here’s how to participate:

Have a small plate (or bowl) and a cup (or glass) for each person who will be celebrating Communion with you in your home.

Whatever you have in your home is fine. You do not need anything special or fancy.

Place one bite-sized piece of bread on your plate.

Any kind of bread will do (including sliced sandwich bread). If you don’t have bread, a cracker is just as good.

Fill your cup or glass with enough grape juice to take a small drink from it.

If you don’t have grape-juice, any juice will do. Even water would be fine. If you are of-age, feel free to use wine. (No, it won’t make you a bad Protestant!)

Have your bread plate and filled cup positioned next to you before worship begins so that you can reach them easily when it’s time.