Organist Search

Winnetka Congregational Church, Winnetka, Illinois, is seeking an experienced church organist to begin work on August 1, 2023. This person is expected to be an accomplished organist who has the experience to play a large tracker instrument. WCC is a non-denominational congregation which welcomes all people. It has a lively and diverse music program which includes all styles and genres of sacred music, from contemporary Christian to Bach to Renaissance motets. The organist does not have to be able to perform all styles but must be comfortable with and conversant with multiple styles. The organist will be expected to work collegially with the pastors and Director of Music in planning worship and worship music. This person must have a passion for and a strong commitment to worship ministry, and the ability to choose and perform worship music to the highest level.


WCC has a magnificent 56 rank, 3 manual, tracker organ built by Martin Pasi and installed in 2007. The instrument is somewhat geared to Baroque music but will beautifully accommodate music of any style and period. (Find more information about the instrument here). The church also has a restored Steinway piano in the chancel and a newly restored Steinway in the choir rehearsal room.



The organist will play for all worship services and accompany choir, soloists, and ensembles who provide music for these services. The worship time during the program year is 10:00am with choir/soloist/ensemble rehearsal beginning at 9:00am. Summer worship at 9:00am is outside with electric piano and soloist or ensembles. The organist plays for worship services other than Sunday morning which may include Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Lenten weekday evening services, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and others.


The organist accompanies the Chancel Choir rehearsals on Thursday evening at 7:00pm and other extra rehearsals which may be connected to the church holidays such as Easter and Christmas and as requested by the Director of Music.


The organist will be expected to attend weekly worship planning meetings which include the preaching pastor and the Director of Music. These meetings are scheduled at the convenience of those participating. The organist is expected to meet weekly with the Director of Music and be available for communication when requested. 


The organist is expected to work collegially with all other staff members in planning worship music and planning and executing the livestream worship. All Sunday services are recorded on video and are live-streamed over YouTube. This requires special attention to detail in the livestream planning, the weekly Google worship planning document, the bulletin, and the implementation of the service.


The organist is expected to play for all funerals and weddings and obtain a substitute for those services for which the person cannot be present. There is extra remuneration for these services. The organist will work with the pastors and with the families to plan music for these services.


The organist reports directly to the Director of Music and works collegially with all staff members.


The organist is expected to work approximately 14-20 hours a week with an annual salary of $22,000-$30,000 a year. This depends on interest, skills, experience, and desire to perform other possible duties, listed below under Optional Duties. 


There will be an allowance of 4 weeks vacation and 5 sick days per year. The vacation days must be arranged in advance with the Director of Music.



  1. Assisting the Director of Music in conducting and filling in for the Director 1in that person’s absence. This implies the candidate’s skill and experience in conducting and directing choirs.


  1. Directing the Burns Memorial Handbell Choir. The group currently includes 7 very dedicated women, meets once a week, and plays in worship once a month. This requires the candidate’s skill, knowledge and past experience in directing handbell choirs.


  1. Support any other activity in music ministries that aligns with the candidate’s interest and experience.

Contact for more information and to apply.